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Business Transformation

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It is not the strongest business with the most intelligent workforce that will survive but a business that can best manage the present and seize the future and change to adapt. In this era of disruption, transformation is more important than ever. We offer creative solutions to help you evolve.

Change Management

More than 80% of major change management efforts fall short of their goals. Evolutions Consult's approach helps clients overcome the odds by predicting, measuring and managing the risk associated with change from day one. The result: unparalleled support from strategy to implementation that delivers sustained results.

Tailored-Made Trainings

We specialize in customized training programmes, tailored to the needs of a specific group of professionals. We focus on the design of capacity building trainings for Corporate bodies.

● Customer Experience
● Marketing
● Sales Leadership

Business Performance Improvement and Management

Today’s markets are unforgiving. Investors punish even small earnings misses. Competitors undercut your prices. Evolution Consult’s Performance Improvement practice equips you to grow earnings and outperform the competition.

Business Process Re-engineering

Our service is a game-changer to any business. we perform miracles on a failing or stagnating company, increasing the profits and drive growth through tried and tested Management methods and ideas

Employee Motivation

Employee motivation is a critical aspect at the workplace which leads to the performance of the department and even the company. Motivating your employees needs to be a regular routine and what it needs to be done. It must be done by us.

Talent Recruitment and Management

With so many years of experience and expertise in being line managers of high-profile businesses, getting the right talent from the shortest time frame for the right role is assured, we use modern talent selection process and procedures to map right candidates to right roles for our clients.